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What Is a Type Rating?

Aviation regulations require that to fly an aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight greater than 12,500 Lbs. and/or an aircraft powered by turbojet engines that the pilots must hold at least PIC (Pilot in Command) type rating for the Captain's seat and at least an SIC (Second in Command) type rating for the co-pilot seat.

Flying a large or turbojet aircraft requires a high degree of knowledge and skill. To earn a PIC type rating, a pilot must complete extensive ground study and...


It can be challenging to find the right course instructor for your advanced pilot training. Read on to learn more about choosing your training.

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If you've been flying for some time and you're thinking of advancing your career, Cessna Citation business jet training courses might be just the best thing to push you in the right direction. There are a lot of career options both domestically and internationally. but if a CE-525 type rating is on your list of goals, now is the perfect time to go for it.

Course Expectation

Classes for this particular certification include options for both Pilot in Command and Second in Command, or even if upgrading from SIC to PIC. First-time Jet training is obviously more...

course instructors

Becoming a Cessna pilot is an amazing option. Certified course instructors with years of training experience are available to help you achieve this dream.

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For many pilots, flying is more than just a profession – it is a passion. With so many different aircraft and flight career opportunities, it can be difficult to determine your best path toward your professional flying goal. If you are a pilot looking to expand your skill set in the aviation industry, you may want to consider jet training classes.

Pilots in Demand

According to Pilot Job Central, the airline industry will see a significant need for pilots over the next 10 years. They predict that the industry will have a need for over 255,000 new pilots. With...


According to the aviation industry, it takes an average of two to three months to earn a private pilot license. But you are setting your prospects a little higher than this basic certification. If you are looking to expand your professional prospects and broaden your education and understanding, CE-525 training classes are a great way to do just that.

Citation business jet training covers the operation of Cessna aircraft including the CE-500 and the CE-525. Undergoing CE-525 training will allow you to fly a wider range of models. This,...


On average, over 100,000 airplane flights occur internationally every day. The demand for pilots has never been higher and is projected to continue booming for the next decade. According to Pilotjobcentral, CAE forecasts that the airline industry will need about 255,000 new pilots over the course of the next decade. This highlights the need for Cessna citation training classes.

A CE-525 jet type rating greatly enhances the hiring prospects for an aspiring airline or business jet pilot.

The CE-525 jet type rating courses are...


The CE-500 and CE-525 trainings are top-tier courses for Cessna pilots. The comprehensive courses and consultations offer an in-depth look at each jet's systems and protocols, with everything from the hydraulics system and pressurization to ice and rain protection. These recurrent trainings are applicable to many Cessna models, but let's dive into the features of two in particular.

2018 Citation CJ4

This jet has a maximum range of 2,135 nautical miles. These models are remarkably durable and...


At Jet Safety International, we offer eight different jet training courses. We offer Second In Command (SIC) type ratings in Cessna Citation CE-500 and CE-525. We offer Pilot In Command (PIC) type ratings in Cessna Citation CE-500 and CE-525. We also offer Second In Command (SIC) recurrent training in Cessna Citation CE-500 and CE-525. We offer Pilot In Command (PIC) recurrent training in Cessna Citation CE-500 and CE-525.

Ground School and Cockpit Procedures Training

All of our Cessna citation trainings include a comprehensive...


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