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What Pilot's License Do You Need in the New Year?

Read this blog to learn what kind of pilot's license you need for the new year. Course instructors will be able to help.

What Pilot's License Do You Need in the New Year?

What pilot license and ratings do you need before considering training for an SIC type rating or a PIC type rating in a jet airplane?

In the FAA system Pilot Licenses are called Pilot Certificates and for this purpose have three “grades”.

• Private Pilot

• Commercial Pilot

• Airline Transport Pilot

The ratings required are:

• Airplane Multiengine Land

• Instrument Airplane

The standard of flying skill and knowledge to obtain a PIC type rating is at the Airline Transport Pilot level, so the novice Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot will only meet these standards with considerable additional advanced flying experience.

For those pilots who have very little jet experience, it is advisable to obtain an SIC type rating and gain significant experience as a co-pilot of course instructors before taking training for a PIC type rating.

Pilots who work as Flight Instructors including providing considerable multi-engine and Instrument instruction generally have a good background to pursue a PIC type rating for their initial jet experience. In fact, at Jet Safety International we have provided PIC type rating training to many young flight instructors getting started on their Jet aircraft flying careers.

Earning a type rating on your pilot certificate will be one of the most important steps to career advancement for a professional pilot.

For operations outside the United States, an SIC type rating is required by regulations in all other countries and by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for co-pilot duties.

Annual recurrent training is required by regulations to perform the duties of PIC (captain) or SIC (co-pilot).

According to the Fisher College of Business, only 9% of Americans earn a private pilot license. If you're interested in getting one too, it will be a huge accomplishment. Whatever your advanced jet training needs may be, Jet Safety International stands ready to help.

Posted 12/26/23