Back to Flight School: 5 Things You Need for Flight Training

Whether you're new to flight classes or in recurrent training, it's crucial to make sure you're prepared to get behind the wheel of a plane.

Back-to-school season is officially here, and while you might be getting behind the wheel of a plane instead of a desk in a classroom, it's still important to make sure you have everything you need. For those undergoing new CE-525 training classes or recurrent training classes, there are some essential items you always want to have on your back-to-flight-school list.

1. A Headset

There are more than 100,000 commercial pilots in the US, according to SkyTough, and chances are you've noticed they all wear one thing: a headset. This is because it's extremely important for the pilot to be able to communicate both in the cockpit with other copilots and passengers as well as with ground control. Planes can be extremely loud, and they can prevent good communication without the proper equipment. That said, make sure when you're getting ready for new and recurrent training that you have an active noise reduction (ANR) style headset that's comfortable and works well.

2. A Fuel Tester

Another important tool in a pilot's arsenal is a fuel tester. During routine pre-flight checks, pilots will make sure that their planes have enough fuel for them to make the flight to reduce the risk of any potential emergencies. A proper fuel tester helps the pilot determine how much fuel the plane has and whether it's contaminant-free. There are a few different types of fuel testers out there, so if you're not sure which one is the right choice for you and the plane you're working with, consider asking your course instructor for a professional opinion.

3. A Flight Bag

Like any good student, you need a quality bag to keep your materials and equipment when you're on a flight. A good flight bag has multiple pockets for you to keep everything you need such as your headset, kneeboard, writing utensils, multitool, aviation flashlight, survival kit, and more.

4. A Logbook

All pilots, both new and in recurrent training, are required to keep track of their flight times and training. A pilot logbook is the ideal way to keep track of your flight hours along with any other information you need.

5. A Survival Kit

As we mentioned when going over the importance of keeping a flight bag on hand, a survival kit is essential to bring with you to your flight training. Your survival kit ought to consist of a first-aid kit, parachute cord, duct tape, fire-starting equipment, and more. While the likelihood that you'll need to use it is small, you always want to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Whether you're new to flight classes or in recurrent training, it's crucial to make sure you're prepared to get behind the wheel of a plane. For more information on what you need for your flight training, contact us today at Jet Safety International!

Posted 9/29/23