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Aviation Consulting Including Multi Crew Pilot License

  • Expert Evaluation and Profitable Solutions
  • JSI provides aviation consultancy in operations safety, operational efficiency, and maintenance procedures in the Citation series.

    JSI also provides consulting for all aspects of Multi Crew Pilot Licenses (MPL)..

Crew and Flight Operations Training

  • Cessna Citation CE-500 series and CE-525 series aircraft initial and recurrent (see JSI courses).

  • CRM TEM training and risk reduction

  • Flight Operations: Flight Dispatch / Operational Control / Flight Following; Flight Training; Crew Resource Management (CRM) Threat and Error Management (TEM)

Multicrew Pilot License (MPL)

Duncan Hastie is a highly experienced consultant in all aspects of MPL training to include:

  • MPL certification by the National regulatory Agency

  • Curriculum development

  • Types of aircraft

  • Types of Flight Training Device

  • Types of Full Flight Simulator

  • ICAO Ground School Course development

  • Implementation of Competency Based Training

  • Multicrew procedures, CRM, TEM

  • Facilitated debriefing

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