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PIC Type Rating: What You Should Know

What Is a Type Rating?

Aviation regulations require that to fly an aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight greater than 12,500 Lbs. and/or an aircraft powered by turbojet engines that the pilots must hold at least PIC (Pilot in Command) type rating for the Captain's seat and at least an SIC (Second in Command) type rating for the co-pilot seat.

Flying a large or turbojet aircraft requires a high degree of knowledge and skill. To earn a PIC type rating, a pilot must complete extensive ground study and classroom ground school to prepare for the oral examination. The pilot in training will also undergo extensive flight training on maneuvers and procedures and simulated emergency operations in a flight simulator or in the actual aircraft to prepare for the flight portion of the examination.

Upon passing these tests, the pilot will receive a type rating on their certificate (license). Type ratings are specific to the actual aircraft type and may cover several models or versions of that aircraft type. The type ratings offered by Jet Safety International are the Citation CE-500 and CE-525.

CE-500 Type Rating

The CE-500 type rating is a valuable pilot qualification due to the large number of CE-500 aircraft in operation around the world. A pilot with a CE-500 type rating can fly 11 models of the CE-500 Type. However, it's important to note that pilots who wish to fly as a single pilot must undergo further training to obtain a separate single-pilot type qualification.

CE-525 Type Rating

The CE-525 is a later generation of aircraft than the CE-500. A pilot with a CE-525 type rating can fly 11 models of the CE-525. The CE-525 can be flown single pilot but the pilot must train for and successfully pass the test for a single pilot type rating. This will appear on the pilot certificate (license) as “CE-525S”.

Obtaining an SIC or PIC type rating can greatly enhance a pilot’s career prospects. If you're interested in achieving an SIC or PIC type rating, Jet Safety International's initial Type rating programs will ensure your success. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from enrolling in a course.