Choosing High Quality Advanced Pilot Training in Jet Aircraft

It can be challenging to find the right course instructor for your advanced pilot training. Read on to learn more about choosing your training.

Whether it's your first Type Rating, or you are seeking recurrent training with a course instructor in a Citation 500 or 525 business jet, finding the most suitable organization to take your Citation Training is an important decision and includes the following elements:

Does the organization have?

  • Respect for the value of the customer’s time and availability
  • Training of the highest quality and value for your money
  • Ground training of the highest quality at the organization location or yours
  • Flight training of the highest quality in the actual aircraft (the school aircraft or yours)
  • Training tailored to the customer’s requirements
  • Instructors who are highly experienced, professional pilots
  • Instructors who are respectful and motivated for your success
  • Instructors with considerable flight experience in the aircraft they are teaching

Advanced Training Resources

According to Forbes, it takes roughly two months to get your private pilot's license. You may take your career-enhancing advanced training at a variety of schools and organizations that differ in pricing and procedures. There are very large flight simulator-based training organizations, also there are high-quality personalized Cessna Citation flight training solutions that perform the flight training in the actual aircraft. If you are seeking your first Type Rating it is very important to do your training in the actual aircraft. If you complete your training in a simulator - regulations require you to take an additional 25 hours of training in the aircraft before you can utilize your Type Rating. Schools that provide high-quality personalized light training in the actual aircraft generally provide a more personalized and user-friendly training environment.

Level of Previous Training

In most cases, before commencing advanced training in Jet aircraft you will need to have attained at least a Commercial Pilot certificate with multi-engine and Instrument ratings. It is a huge step to move up to jet aircraft from light piston engine propeller-driven aircraft. This huge step is achievable and Jet Safety International has helped many pilots make the transition.

Personal Learning Preferences

Something adults take for granted is the choice that we have in our learning and education. Finding training that fits your preferences and learning style is a decision you can make. It's important to work with a training organization that understands your goals and can help you realize them. The best training organizations can personalize your training program for success. Jet Safety International is such an organization. Check out class information online at, or you can contact them at (602) 618-3623 if you'd like to know more!