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Are You a Pilot Looking to Build Your Skills? Take Jet Training Classes!

For many pilots, flying is more than just a profession – it is a passion. With so many different aircraft and flight career opportunities, it can be difficult to determine your best path toward your professional flying goal. If you are a pilot looking to expand your skill set in the aviation industry, you may want to consider jet training classes.

Pilots in Demand

According to Pilot Job Central, the airline industry will see a significant need for pilots over the next 10 years. They predict that the industry will have a need for over 255,000 new pilots. With this information in mind, you have compelling reasons to become fully trained in jet aircraft systems and procedures. At Jet Safety International, we offer a variety of Cessna citation training classes on many models. These courses have the option of Pilot in Command and Second in Command training. You also have the option to take courses for CE-500, CE-525 PIC, or SIC Type Rating. These courses qualify you to perform the appropriate duties in any aircraft requiring a CE-500 or CE-525 type rating.

Available Training Courses

Covering 10 different airplane models, CE-525 training classes can be individualized to each model. The same is true for the CE-500 classes, with 11 models and individual training services. These courses give pilots the ability to refresh their knowledge and skills in their chosen aircraft. The hands-on experience initial and recurrent training we provide at Jet Safety International ensure that pilots are up to date on the latest safety procedures, standards, and practices that accompany Cessna Citation Jet aircraft. Because Cessna Citation aircraft are mostly used for corporate, business or private flights, training in this field can lead to a multitude of opportunities in your pilot career. If you are interested in growing your skills, initial and recurrent training classes on the Cessna may be the perfect option for you.

In addition to our training classes, Jet Safety International also offers aviation consultation in operations safety, operational efficiency, and maintenance procedures that accompany the Cessna Citation series. Contact us at Jet Safety International for more information on our world-class, top-of-the-line initial and recurrent training courses. We will get you flying high in the sky in no time at all!