A Look Inside 2 Cessna Private Business Jets

The CE-500 and CE-525 trainings are top-tier courses for Cessna pilots. The comprehensive courses and consultations offer an in-depth look at each jet's systems and protocols, with everything from the hydraulics system and pressurization to ice and rain protection. These recurrent trainings are applicable to many Cessna models, but let's dive into the features of two in particular.

2018 Citation CJ4

This jet has a maximum range of 2,135 nautical miles. These models are remarkably durable and are known to have performed several hundred flights with individual owners before being sold to a new owner. This model seats eight total passengers outside the cockpit and has several additional features. Audio receivers, phone systems, charging outlets and a monitor are just a few of the technological components. A flushing toilet, refreshment center, and slimline tables also add to its hospitality. Systems such as XM satellite weather add to the traditional transponders present in the cockpit.


Recurrent trainings are scheduled in two sessions and review every necessary system and procedure involved in piloting. Session 1 involves preflight preparation, ground operations, takeoff, departure, inflight maneuvers, emergency procedures, and post-flight debriefing. Session 2 reviews much of Session 1 but also teaches emergency descent, smoke in the cockpit, and other emergency and instrument procedures. These trainings are vital as the CAE predicts that in the next decade, the airline industry will need 255,000 more pilots.

For more information about Cessna models, jet safety, and recurrent trainings, contact us today. CE-500 and CE-525 trainings are the most dependable programs for anyone looking to become a pilot, whether commercial, personal, or business.