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3 Reasons Why PIC Recurrent Training Classes Are Worth It

1. Necessary

If you already have a PIC type rating, you are undoubtedly aware that to continue to fly that aircraft type as PIC, recurrent training classes are required by law. Specifically the FAA regulation 14 CFR Part 61.58 Pilot-in-command proficiency check: Operation of an aircraft that requires more than one pilot flight crew member or is turbojet-powered.

This requirement is annual (12 calendar months) and if you fly multiple aircraft requiring a type rating then at least one type of recurrent training must be within 12 months and the others within 24 months.

Further, If a pilot takes the required pilot-in-command proficiency check in the calendar month before or the calendar month after the month in which it is due, the pilot is considered to have taken it in the month in which it was due for the purpose of computing when the next pilot-in-command proficiency check is due.

2. Important

PIC Recurrent Training is Important because refreshing and updating your aviation knowledge and flight proficiency is necessary for pilot competency therefore safety.

The Oral Test is conducted on the ground and the Flight Test in the aircraft by a PPE (Pilot Proficiency Examiner). This test is not a “check ride” or “Practical Test” as is normally done for a pilot certificate or rating. This test is more like a flight review that does not include Pass/Fail but Pass or more training required.

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Posted April 27, 2023