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Duncan Hastie

Duncan & Citation X in London

Duncan Hastie is the president and founder of Jet Safety International (JSI). Duncan was born and grew up in Scotland, and received his education as an Electronics Engineer at Napier College in Edinburgh.

He was an advisor on Inertial Navigation systems on the Harrier VSTOL aircraft  to the British Royal Air Force and the United States Marine Corps. Duncan traveled extensively with the USMC over a seven year period living working and flying in Japan, Korea, Okinawa and the Philippines.

In addition Duncan has twenty-five years experience as a Cessna Citation instructor and former type rating examiner.

Duncan is type rated on the following aircraft:

CE-500, CE-510(s), CE-525(s), CE-750, HS-125

Duncan is also a consultant in CRM and human factors, in Flight Training Curriculum development, Part 142 Training Center Certification and in Training and Safety Audits.

Andy Cashetta

Andy Cashetta is a Captain for a major US Airline, and is type rated on the following aircraft:

B-727, B-737, B-747, B-757, B-767; B-777, CE-500, CE-525, DC-9, DC-10, LR-JET

Andy is an accomplished pilot and an excellent instructor. Andy reveals a calm, helpful and friendly manner during instruction, which helps his students to enjoy the learning process and to succeed.

Andy is also an expert in CRM and human factors, in Air Carrier Certification and in Safety Audits.

Ilona Sianturi-Hastie

Ilona in Citation I

Ilona is the office manager and training coordinator. Ilona assists with scheduling, travel, accommodation, documentation, and FAA and TSA compliance.

Ilona was born in Sumatra Indonesia, and holds a degree in Russian literature from the University of Indonesia in Jakarta.

In the picture, Ilona is seated at the main cabin entrance door in a Citation I.